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Rozia is a leading Personal Care Appliances company structured to deliver best products and delighting services to clients. Our Products are made with high consideration of genuine materials and best quality to deliver fantastic results to our clients. Our products are Hair Straighteners, Hair Curling Tongs, Hair Dryer, Hair Clippers, Hair Brushes, Manicure Set, Makeup Brushes , Beard Trimmer etc. We have constant efforts to improve our products with requirements of clients. Rozia offers a high-end professional hairstyling appliances. Quality control has been a priority for our products which immerge Trust in our clients, over the period of time. Rozia is an established and well-respected professional beauty care company. They provide genuine state-of-the-art technology to their loyal distributors, salons and consumer clients. We believe in Reliability, Durability, Trust and Promising Service to our clients.

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Founded in the summer of 2010, Rozia started with a dream to enrich the natural beauty of our customers. 

With love and motivation, we spent 10 years to successfully build this platform called “Rozia|Innovation For Your Life”. We have now become one of the largest salon appliance suppliers in India, bringing our products to across country. Rozia has undergone a remarkable transformation from its humble beginning with the dedication and hard work of every staff working here.

I’m proud of what we have already achieved, and convinced that we still have a lot to do. We’ll always bear in mind our value “Good products, Good service”, and treat every customer wholeheartedly and do the best we can.

We believe that love is eternal and beauty never fades!

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Our product platform – Rozia|Innovation For Your Life covers six products series, including Hairdressing and Grooming Series, Skin Care and Nail Art Series, Massager Series, Hair and Beauty Salon Accessories, Hair and Beauty Salon Equipment and Hair and Beauty salon Furniture. To meet varying demands of customers all over the world, we constantly update our catalogue and currently offer more than 500 products.

Since we have a wide range of products, we can provide customers with one-stop sourcing service which helps them to save time and cost in searching and accessing most of the salon and beauty products in India market. A lot of customers enjoyed great experience and got satisfactory products and service in cooperating with us.

Through 10 years’ development, we have earned the trust of customers across India and become a leading beauty products supplier in India with our competitive pricing and good quality. We’ll be continuously dedicated to delivering quality products and best service for every customer.